"Schnaufi" is with us!

I am "Schnaufi" (wheezee), the harbour porpoise who sails around the Baltic. I will accompany all activities and watch my friends and relatives from board of the ship. I came from Kerteminde, but live in Kiel since two years and sail passionately fond. I am really happy to see my fellows in the whole Baltic Sea. Please notice that I do not like fish - but I love chocolate!
I am really worried about my fellows and relatives in the Baltic. They decrease rapidly and will disappear soon, if we do not save them. I would be very sad then, without any fellows and relatives. Therefore I go searching for them, will support all activities to save them as good as possible and finally travel back to Kerteminde to spend one day in the Fjord & Bælt Center.

That's me, Schnaufi!
I am the mascot from
Kerteminde :)

In Stralsund
Here you see me in Stralsund,
where I learned a lot about my
fellows. Now I take a break
at the penguins.