Round the Baltic Sea for harbour porpoises

We sail around the Baltic Sea to support harbour porpoises. The breathing noise of these little whales is really lovely when sailing over the Baltic with low winds. Being very frequent 30 years ago, it is nowadays like winning the lottery to meet a harbour porpoise. And if we do not help them, their lovely noise will disappear completely in only a few years.
The harbour porpoises are threatened more than ever - there are only a few of them left in the Baltic Sea, especially in the East. And we want to help that our friends will survive and accompany us also in future while sailing.
For that purpose we will sail with Fritsjen, a Banner 30, around the Baltic Sea - counter clockwise, if possible. We are prepared to change the route due to weather and wind conditions. We will start from Kiel to Poland, may visit Kaliningrad, afterwards sail to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and after a short first stop in Finland go to St. Petersburg. From there we will go back to Helsinki and continue to the North - Haparanda is waiting for us. After a short trip over land to the North Cape it is time to sail south over Stockholm and Kopenhagen.
During the trip we will start this years "harbour porpoise sightings" project is Stralsund, meet with representatives of the SAMBAH project in many countries and finally spend one day in Kerteminde, Denmark, where some porpoises are kept for research in the Fjord & Bælt Center. And for sure we report our sightings daily to the German Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund.
All of this is done in tight cooperation with the German Oceanographic Museum.

A Harbour Porpoise in

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