Become a friend of porpoises!

We try to help the porpoises! Therefore, we report sightings to the research, initiate publicity campaigns and collect funds that are used to protect the porpoises. The German Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund, which drives the harbour porpoise research in Germany, has a donation account for this purpose.

Whoever wants to help the porpoises, wants to experience the peaceful breathing of the small whales when sailing in five or ten years from now, may transfer a donation of his choice to the following account:

Deutsches Meeresmuseum
Sparkasse Vorpommern
Bank code 120 505 00
Account no. 100118704
Purpose: Porpoises

Please remember to use the corret purpose "porpoise". This is the only way to guarantee that the funds be used for harbor porpoises. A tax receipt can be issued on request.

The donations will exclusively benefit the research and the protection of the harbor porpoise!