Research for protection of porpoises

in Kerteminde

We need more knowledge about the harbour porpoises! Effective protection is difficult to achieve due to lack of knowledge about the number of animals and their preferred habitats. Therefore there is urgent need for action, especially to collect more data on the size and distribution of the population and its change over time. You can help by report sightings!

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The German Oceanographic Museum collects data and information about the Baltic harbour porpoise for almost ten years in various projects. In the analysis of acoustic data from porpoises the German Oceanographic Museum has set new standards due to many years of experience and helped with the development of new measuring devices.

Important aspects of the research project are the sightings of water sport enthusiasts and SAMBAH.

You can also support the research and protection by spending money. More information can be found here.

Distribution of harbour porpoises
in the Baltic Sea.
(Source: DMM)