The crew

Silja and Jan on board

Silja and Jan will sail the entire trip. Along the way they will be visited by friends some times and - hopefully - by many harbour porpoises. All our companions during the tour will appear here later.
Silja sails since she was thirteen and is hard to get off the water since then if the weather conditions allow of it. Whether dinghies, yachts, catamarans or surf boards - as long as the vehicle has a sail, Silja is addicted to it. Thanks to her career in wind surfing and a lot of successful participations in races with yachts and dinghies, Fritsjen is a very sportive and fast ship - nevertheless speed is not that important on this tour. This time the harbour porpoises get the focus, because their lovely breathing noise has become so seldom.
Silja is scientist in Sport Science, certified in Business Administration and works as a trainer, not to mention many other things.
Jan is seen on the water since 1988. What initially started on small dinghies on the canals of Friesland / Netherlands and a small lake near D├╝sseldorf evolved into a passion. As a consequence yachts and especially tall ships gains his interest. Today, he travels regularly as a helmsman on traditional sailing ships, mainly wooden ones. He also misses the harbour porpoises, that were common and very welcome companions of his former sailing trips.
Jan earns his money as a freelance IT consultant.

Guests on bord:
J├╝rgen Singer - April - Ustka-Danzig
Andreas K├Âneke and Maren Adam - July - Vaasa-Haparanda
Thorsten Wojtas - August - Sandarne-Stockholm
and co-owner Kolja V├Âlkers - October - Ystad-Laboe