Why Fritsjen?

Why is the Banner named Fritsjen? We bought the ship in 2009 from two Danes in Bogense. They were the first owners and maintained the boat very well, so it was in a really good condition. After very pleasant test sail tour with the Banner 30, we were hooked and bought the boat. The previous owners were also very glad to pass their ship into good new hands. In consequence it became good practice that we stopped frequently in Bogense to meet the ancestors and their wifes, spending a lot of happy time together. Mange tak for this!
Although not usual, we did not want to keep the old name of the ship, "bandit". We wanted to call our boat different. The previous owners are Frits and Jens Jorgen. In our opinion it therefore was a good idea to name the ship after them, concatenating "Frits" and "Jens" by leaving the last "s": "Fritsjen".

Frits and Jens on board