Banner 30

Banner 30

The ship we sail is a Banner 30. Build in Denmark at Banner Bade shipyard and constructed by Niels Jeppesen as one of his first designs. Our ship was build in 1979. The Banner looks a little bit like a X-79 / X-99.
It has a length of 9 meters, a beam of 2.8 meters and a depth of 1.65 meters. Under normal load its weight is 2.5 tons.
Our Banner has a brand new inboard engine, a Saildrive 330 with 15 hp from 2011.


We are equipped with Elvstrøm Sails.
The following sails will be used during the trip:

Main Sail 22.8 sqm Epex, Technora, inside Taffeta
Genoa 23 sqm Epex, Technora
Jib 1 15.2 sqm Crosscut, Dacron
Jib 2 14.2 sqm Epex, Tchnora, inside Taffeta
Spinnaker 50 sqm Superkote 60

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